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Slough's Anti-Incinerator Network



 3 May 2007: "Baby Killer" from Harrow (Middlesex) Observer

 15 Sept 05: Inquiry ordered into birth defects linked to pollution 

 1 Sept 05: Alarm over birth defect 'anomalies' in Wales 

 25 Aug 05: Rural Birth Defects 39 times higher than Central London (Slough figures on page 5)

 30.06.05 - Letter to Environment Agency signed by 40 residents 

Welcome to SAIN.

We are a group of residents worried about the building of one of Europe's largest incinerators on our doorstep, just a few miles from where many of us live. The site is in an area of existing high airborne pollution.

Our web site will tell you about the problems, existing now and bigger problems coming in 2006, and what we are trying to do. Links on these web pages will provide you with extra information.

You are invited to contact us at for further information.