Exhibiting of Business Name Details
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The English law

Every operational business should display:-

The Companies (Trading Disclosures) Regulations 2008
English Statutory Instrument (secondary law) 2008 number 495

English government advice


  1. Displaying a limited company or LLP name

    You must display a sign with your company or LLP name:

    1. in characters that can be easily read
    2. in a place where visitors can easily and clearly see it at any time (and not just during business hours) continuously
  2. You must also include your company's or LLP's registered name on all hard copy and electronic business correspondence and documents including:

    1. letters
    2. notices
    3. all official publications
    4. emails
    5. bills of exchange
    6. promissory notes
    7. endorsements
    8. order forms
    9. cheques signed by or on behalf of the company
    10. orders for money, goods or services signed by or on behalf of the company
    11. bills of parcels
    12. invoices and other demands for payment
    13. receipts
    14. letters of credit
    15. your website - you do not need to include the company name on every page but it must be displayed so it can be easily read
  3. Information you must display on all business letters, order forms and websites:

    1. the place of registration
    2. the registered number
    3. the address of registered office
    4. the fact that it is a limited company or LLP
    5. if you have chosen to display your share capital, the amount of paid up share capital
    6. information if the company or LLP is being wound-up (closed)
    7. You do not have to state directors' names on business letters unless you want to do so. However, if you do decide to include directors' names, then you must state all the directors' names.
    8. If you are an LLP with more than 20 members, you do not need to display the members' names. However, you must keep a list of members at your principal place of business and state that the list is available for inspection.
  4. Displaying a sole trader or partnership business name

    If you are a sole trader or partnership, your business name, your own name, or the partners' names and business address must be clearly displayed in most cases:

    • wherever you run your business and deal with customers or suppliers
    • on all business letters, orders, payments, invoices, receipts and other business documents
  5. Displaying a name online

    If your business has a website, you must display:

    1. general information about your business
    2. business name
    3. business address
    4. business email address
    5. VAT registration number (if applicable)
    6. details of any relevant professional organisation to which you belong
    7. any authorisation scheme to which your service is subject
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4 August 2013