Slough's Social Housing Policy
Published by
Slough Unitary Authority (SBC)
31 December 2013

33. Making an offer of housing

Offers are made to those who have been waiting the longest in each band and match an annual lettings plan. The plan will be an estimate of the number of vacancies expected each year. Occasionally when a property becomes available which is particularly suitable for an individual applicant who has specific needs it may be allocated to them even if they are not at the top of the housing register.

New affordable social housing developments may require a policy to enable a balanced and sustainable community. This local lettings policy will be aimed at social households opting to downsize.

Applicants well positioned for an offer of housing will be visited at home to confirm that the information given to the council is correct.

Original documents will be verified and suitability to be a council or housing association tenant will be confirmed. Staff will also make enquiries with third party organisations to verify the information on applications.

References and/or credit checks may be sought. Applicants who are unable to provide any information requested or whose circumstances have changed will be removed from the housing register and/or placed in the relevant band. Applicants who give false information will be prosecuted.

If the council is unable to contact an applicant, using contact details provided, within 24 hours (excluding weekends) the application will be cancelled. Any potential offer that may have been made will be counted as a refusal.

Applicants nearing the top of the housing register may be invited to multiple viewings on vacancies. If the offer is declined by the first applicant then it will be offered to the next person on the list until the property is accepted.

If an applicant is unable to respond to any deadline in accepting an offer then it will count as a refusal. Second viewings are not normally considered.

The property size that will be allocated for a particular household will be assessed according to the following guidelines and will be based only on the actual household composition. The council uses the Government's bedroom standard for housing benefit. It is recommended that applicants confirm any housing benefit entitlement when accepting a property.

Applicants are entitled to a bedroom each for the following groups:

Any applicant who rejects two offers that would have reasonably met housing need will be removed from the housing register.

An applicant may re apply to join the register after a minimum period of 24 months. Any future application will be assessed according to the eligibility criteria.