Slough's Social Housing Policy
Published by
Slough Unitary Authority (SBC)
31 December 2013

31. Who cannot join the housing register

The council has decided that the following applicant(s) or any person included on the application do not qualify for an allocation of housing and cannot join the housing register:

  1. Applicants or members of their household who have not had a fixed address in the borough of Slough for a minimum of five consecutive years
  2. Those who do not have a reasonable preference
  3. Those who have been found guilty of unacceptable behaviour serious enough to make them unsuitable to be a council or housing association tenant at the time of the application
  4. Applicant(s) who have a joint gross household income exceeding £55,000
  5. Applicants or members of their household that have over £20,000 in savings, investments or equity
  6. Applicants who have refused two suitable offers of a secure (or introductory), assured or one of an assured shorthold tenancy
  7. Applicants, or members of their household, that have any housing related debt, including rent arrears or mortgage arrears, in respect of their current property or previous accommodation
  8. Transfer tenants (from social housing) who have failed to maintain their homes, have caused damage to their home or have breached the terms of their tenancy
  9. Applicants, or members of their household who own any property or have exercised a council Right to Buy scheme within the past 10 years
  10. Applicants, or members of their household who have been placed into Slough by any other local authority