Slough's Social Housing Policy
Published by
Slough Unitary Authority (SBC)
31 December 2013

23. Requesting a review

  1. An applicant may request a review of the decision:
    1. whether or not to the offer made to them is suitable and reasonable
    2. that they are ineligible to join the Housing Register for an allocation due to them being subject to immigration control (160ZA (2))

Paul Janik's note (14 February 2014)

s.160ZA is currently not shown in the government's online version of the Housing Act 1996.

A copy of s.160ZA is online at Localism Act 2011, section 146

    1. that they are not a person qualifying to join the Housing Register
    2. that any particular facts are or are not going to be taken into account in considering whether to allocate them accommodation.
  1. The applicant shall be notified in writing of the decision of the review, and the grounds for that decision.
  2. An applicant found not be eligible or to be non-qualifying may make a fresh application if they feel that they should be treated as an eligible or qualifying applicant.

The categories of decisions made by the Council which applicants can request a review are set out with a review procedure as explained in 'How the Scheme Works'