Slough's Social Housing Policy
Published by
Slough Unitary Authority (SBC)
31 December 2013

22. Operation of this scheme and Applications

'How the Scheme Works' will outline all the procedural elements for the Scheme

Following receipt and processing of an application, applicants will be informed in writing as to whether or not:

  1. they have met the Eligibility criteria
  2. they have met the Reasonable Preference criteria
  3. they are in a Non-Qualifying class
  4. they have been registered on the Housing Register (if so, with the date of registration)
  5. any Additional Preference has been awarded;
  6. any Community Contribution Preference has been awarded and which Band (if any) their application has been placed into.

If any of these matters are decided against the applicant's interests, the written notice will give reasons for the council's decision.

If requested by applicants, the council will provide in writing:

  1. information relating to decisions taken based upon the facts of the case which determine whether or not to allocate particular housing or
  2. information providing, and as far as is possible the predicted wait time until accommodation is likely to become available. The time period an applicant on the Housing Register is likely to have to await is difficult to predict due to the unpredictable availability of suitable properties and varying volume of applications.