Slough's Social Housing Policy
Published by
Slough Unitary Authority (SBC)
31 December 2013

19. Local Lettings Plans

New affordable and social housing developments, (both housing association and Council and through an agreed partnering arrangement) and some existing estates or communities, may be subject to a local lettings policy adopted by the Council.

A local lettings policy will set criteria for nominations or allocations (including transfers, beneficial transfers and moves due to best use of stock) to homes in the relevant area, aimed at achieving or maintaining balanced and sustainable communities, or to address or prevent management problems and/or antisocial behaviour.

For new affordable and social housing developments, local lettings policies will dictate that a percentage of allocations will be made to applicants who meet the qualifying criteria as set out in this Scheme seeking transfers (and on the Housing Register) who have demonstrated the ability to maintain a satisfactory tenancy in both financial and conduct terms.

Priority will also be given in a local lettings policy to households opting to downsize.

Section 166A(6)(b) of the Housing Act 1996 enables local housing authorities to allocate a particular accommodation to people of a particular description whether or not they fall into the reasonable preference category. This section enables the council to set aside homes on a particular estate, or certain types of properties across the housing stock, for applicants who meet specific criteria as set out in a Local Lettings Plan applicable to those properties.

Paul Janik's note (14 February 2014)

The Housing Act 1996 (c.52) s.166A has NOT yet been inserted into the government's on-line version of the law at Applications for housing accommodation which includes s.166.

A copy of the Housing Act 1996 (c.52) s.166A is available at Localism Act 2011 (c.20) s.147