Slough's Social Housing Policy
Published by
Slough Unitary Authority (SBC)
31 December 2013

11. Our Policy on Choice

  1. When making an application to join the Housing Register and if they are qualifying persons, applicants and the members of their household will be making an application to be housed:
    1. Anywhere within the borough of Slough.
    2. In any tenure or tenancy type which meets their needs, whether council managed accommodation or Housing Association.
    3. In any size and type of property which meets the needs of the qualifying applicant and their household, as determined in this Allocation Scheme.

All eligible and qualifying applicants will be placed on the Register but when the Council comes to decide what size or type of property the applicant is to be considered for it will take account of whether other members of the applicant's household are eligible or qualifying persons.

The Council will also take into account a number of factors in making a decision on allocation. (Please see: How This Scheme Works)

Even if the applicant's household includes only eligible and qualifying members, due to the high demand for large properties, the council may not include certain members of the household such as non-dependent adult children, other adult relatives, non-relatives or lodgers, when determining what size or type of accommodation the applicant will be considered for in this Scheme.

In the case of large households which may therefore not be accommodated together under this Scheme the council may discuss with the applicant how best the other members of the household may obtain accommodation, whether from the council or otherwise.