11 April 2014
Walsh, Christopher
Labour councillor Britwell 1996-2000

Walsh, James Lawrence

Labour candidate Foxborough 2006

Labour candidate Foxborough 2007

Labour councillor Colnbrook 2008-2012

Labour councillor Colnbrook 2012-2014

Moved to Guildford 2012, remained Slough councillor

Wall, Daniel
Labour Party 'Independent' spoiler candidate Haymill 2007

Wall, Sarah-Ellen
Labour Party 'Independent' spoiler candidate Upton 2007

Wall, Tarlok
Conservative candidate Elliman 2014

Watts, Margaret Mary
Conservative candidate Cippenham 1994

Conservative candidate Wexham 1997

Webb, Ronald John
Labour councillor Langley St Mary's 1997-2001

Labour councillor Kedermister 2001-2004

Whitmore, Paul Patrick
PISSUP* parliamentary candidate 1997

PUP candidate Upton 1997

Local Party candidate Upton 2000

? party ? candidate Upton 2001

Ind candidate Kedermister 2002

Ind candidate Kedermister 2003

Wilkinson, Robert
UKIP candidate Central 2012

Williams, Kenneth Ivor
Labour candidate Kedermister 1994

Labour candidate candidate St Mary's 1995

Labour candidate candidate St Mary's 1997

Labour councillor Langley St Mary's 1996-2000 ?

Williams, Marion Edith
mother of Tim Williams

Conservative paper-only candidate

Conservative candidate Foxborough 2006

Williams, Mervyn Alphonso
Slough Party candidate Upton 2008

Williams, Timothy Charles
Son of Marion Williams

Conservative candidate St Mary's 2004

Conservative candidate Britwell 2006

Conservative candidate Britwell 2007

Williams, Tracy
Conservative candidate Cippenham 1997

Wood, David Thomas
Green parliamentary candidate 2005

Slough Party candidate Colnbrook 2007

Wood, Kathleen
UKIP candidate Britwell 2012

UKIP candidate Britwell 2014

Wright, Anna Sylwia
Conservative councillor Haymill 2010-2014

Conservative candidate Haymill 2014

Wright, Kenneth
former Slough Labour councillor

Labour 'Independent' spoiler candidate Cippenham Green 2008

Labour 'Independent' spoiler candidate Wexham 2010

Labour 'Independent' spoiler candidate Wexham 2011

Wright, Sean Patrick
BPP candidate Britwell 1997

Britwellian candidate Britwell 2001

Britwellian councillor Britwell 2002-2004

IBR councillor Britwell 2004-2008

IBR councillor Britwell 2008-2012

IBR candidate Britwell 2012

PISSUP = People in Slough Shunning Useless Politicians