11 April 2014
Raja, Arshad Mohammed
Aged 53, 1 May 2009 jailed for 1 year 6 months

for 2007 election fraud

Rakhra, Jatinder
Conservative candidate Chalvey 2014

Rana, Nadeem Anwar
Lib Dem candidate Cippenham Green 2006

Lib Dem candidate Cippenham Meadows 2007

Lib Dem candidate Cippenham Meadows 2008

Rana, Neel
Conservative candidate Wexham 2014

Rasib, Mohammed
Labour councillor Chalvey 2006-2010

Defected to Conservatives May 2008

Returned to Labour May 2008

Labour councillor Chalvey 2010-2014

Read, Alexandra
Lib Dems candidate Haymill 2000

Lib Dems candidate St Mary's 2001

Reid, James
Conservative candidate Britwell 2004

Reynolds, Gemma
UKIP candidate Chalvey 2012

Reynolds, Jim
UKIP candidate Wexham 2012

Reynolds, Sheila Ruth
Liberal candidate Kedermister 1994

Liberal candidate St Mary's 1996

Liberal candidate St Mary's 1997

Richardson, Keith Anthony
? party ? candidate St Mary's 2001

Green candidate Upton 2003

Ridley, Jill
Liberal candidate Haymill 1997

Ridley, Naomi Jill
Liberal councillor Haymill 1995-1999

Liberal candidate Farnham 2000

Robinson, Jane
Liberal candidate Upton 1997

Roche, Liam Thomas
Labour Party 'Independent' spoiler candidate Haymill 2008

Labour Party 'Independent' spoiler candidate Britwell 2010

nomination too late

Labour Party 'Independent' spoiler candidate Colnbrook 2011

Rock, Jacqueline Ruby
Labour candidate Britwell Feb. 2003

Labour candidate Britwell 2003

Labour candidate Britwell 2004

Rogers, Elizabeth
Labour candidate Chalvey 1995

Labour councillor Farnham 1996-2000

Ruprah, General Singh
Conservative candidate Baylis 2003

Rushby, Nigel
Labour councillor St Mary's 2001-2004