11 April 2014
MacIsaac, David

Lib Dem candidate Wexham Lea 1994

Lib Dem candidate Wexham Lea 1995

Independent (Wexhamite) candidate Wexham 2001

Independent (Wexhamite) councillor Wexham 2002-2004

Independent (Wexhamite) councillor Wexham 2004-2007

Independent (Wexhamite) councillor Wexham 2007-2011

MacTaggart, Fiona Margaret
Labour MP Slough 1997-2001

Labour MP Slough 2001-2005

Labour MP Slough 2005-2010

Labour MP Slough 2010-2015

Home Office junior minister 2003-2006

Maher, Edward Gerard
Liberal candidate Cippenham 1994

Liberal candidate Baylis 1995

Liberal candidate Central 1996

Liberal candidate Wexham 1997

Mahmood, Rashid
Involved in voting fraud and perjury May 2007

Majeed, Muhammad Umar
Conservative candidate Central 2008

Conservative candidate Central 2010

Malik, Abid Maqbool
Lib Dem candidate Farnham 2006

Malik, Hussain Razzak
Conservative candidate Baylis 2001

Conservative candidate Central 2004

Malik, Khaalid
Lib Dems candidate Cippenham Meadows 2011

Lib Dems candidate Cippenham Meadows 2012

Malik, Nadeem
Liberal candidate Farnham 1994

Liberal candidate Keddermister 1995

Malik, Sandra (Sandy)
Labour candidate Haymill 2011

Labour councillor Wexham 2012-2014

Mall, Ashar
Conservative candidate Britwell 2014

Manku, Gurcharan Singh
Labour councillor Upton 2001-2004

Labour candidate Colnbrook 2004

Mann, Mewa Singh
Labour councillor, ward ?, October 1994

Labour candidate Foxborough 1996

Labour councillor Foxborough 1997-2001

Labour councillor Foxborough 2001-2004

Labour councillor Kedermister 2004-2007

Labour councillor Kedermister 2007-2011

Labour councillor Kedermister 2011-2014

Mann, Pavitar "Pav" Kaur
Labour councillor Britwell 2010-2014

Labour candidate Britwell 2014

Mansell, David Edward
Labour councillor Farnham 1995-1999

Labour councillor Farnham 2002-2004

Mansell, Olive Elsie, known as "Jo"
Wife of David Edward Mansell

Labour candidate Langley St Mary's 1996

Labour councillor Stoke 1997-2001

March, William
Lib Dem candidate Chalvey 1997

Marks, Ian
? party ? candidate Kedermister 2001

Mason-Apps, Peter
UKIP parliamentary candidate 2010 (lives Wokingham)

Matloob, Fiza Ahmed
Son of Matloob HUSSAIN

Labour councillor Baylis & Stoke 2007-2011

Labour councillor Baylis & Stoke 2011-2014

McCabe, Kevin Christopher
Labour 'Independent' spoiler candidate Colnbrook 2008

Labour 'Independent' spoiler candidate Cippenham Green 2010

McCarthy, Dennis
Labour borough and county councillor

Labour councillor Britwell 1997-2001

Labour councillor Britwell 2001-2002

Died 2002

McFadden, Pat
Lib Dem candidate Wexham Lea 1997

Meehan, Liam Bernard
ILR candidate St Mary's 2006

Meredith, Anne Mary
Lib Dem candidate Britwell 1994

Lib Dem candidate Farnham 1995

Lib Dem candidate Farnham 1996

Lib Dem candidate Foxborough 1997

Miles, Tristan Nicholas
Founder of Save Slough's Heritage Campaign

Slough Party candidate Farnham 2010

Slough Party candidate Farnham 2011

Slough Party candidate Wexham 2012

Telephone 01753-254111

Minhas, Harjinder Kaur
Labour Party's Women's Officer

Labour candidate Langley St Mary's 2010

Labour councillor Upton 2011-2014

Minhas, Lakbir Singh
Labour councillor Baylis 1996-2000

Mittal, Bharat Bushan
Labour candidate Colnbrook 2000

Labour councillor Upton 2012-2014

December 2013, became an Independent councillor

Conservative candidate Kedermister 2014

Mohindra, Subhash Chandar
Independent (Castleview Residents) candidate Upton 2010

Moore, James (Jim)
Liberal candidate Stoke 1996

Liberal candidate Stoke 1997

Liberal councillor Stoke 2000-2001

Died 3 December 2001

Moppett, Simon
Conservative candidate Wexham 2000

Conservative candidate St Mary's 2001

Conservative candidate Wexham 2002

Muhammad, Karen Ann Lisa
Labour candidate Chalvey 2008

Mumtaz, Yasar
Nephew of Mohammed Aziz (living with Mohammed Aziz)

Aged 20, in 2009 was cleared by jury of a 2007 election fraud

Munawar, Sohail
Labour councillor Farnham 2011-2014

Munkley, David John
Councillor from May 1990

Liberal councillor Haymill 1990-1994

Liberal councillor Haymill 1994-1997

Liberal Parliamentary candidate Maidenhead 1997

Liberal councillor Haymill 1997-2001

Liberal councillor Haymill 2001-2004

Liberal councillor Haymill 2004-2007

Liberal councillor Haymill 2007-2011

Deputy Leader of the Council 06/2004-05/2008

Liberal candidate Haymill 2011

Conservative candidate Cippenham Green 2014