27 April 2012
Lane, John Watson
UKIP parliamentary candidate 2001

UKIP candidate Upton 2004

UKIP candidate Kedermister 2012

Little, Michelle
Green candidate Kedermister 2004

Green candidate Foxborough 2006

Lodhi, Nazar
Father of  Yassar Mohammad Lodhi

Labour councillor Farnham 1997-2001

Lodhi, Yassar Mohammad
Son of Nazar Lodhi

Labour candidate Haymill 2003

Long, Anita
Liberal candidate Kedermister 1997

Local Party candidate Kedermister 2000

? party ? candidate Kedermister 2001

Long, Julia Thomson
Widow of Mike Long

Conservative councillor Upton 2000-2003

Conservative councillor Upton 2003-2004

Conservative councillor Upton 2004-2008

Conservative councillor Upton 2008-2012

Conservative candidate Upton 2012

Long, Michael Greenland
Husband of Julia Long

Conservative councillor in 1980's

Conservative councillor Upton 1996-2000

Lopez, Brenda
wife of Eddie Lopez

Labour councillor Kedermister 1996-2000

Lopez, Eddie
husband of Brenda Lopez

Labour Party election agent, Slough

Prevented by Labour from contesting Slough's 1997 parliamentary election