20 April 2014
Haines, Michael Anthony (Tony)
Formerly Labour

? party ? candidate Stoke 1994

Independent parliamentary candidate Slough 2001

Wexham Ind councillor Wexham 2000-2003

Wexham Ind councillor Wexham 2003-2004

Wexham Ind councillor Wexham 2004-2008

Wexham Ind councillor Wexham 2008-2012

Haines, Susan
Liberal candidate Farnham 1997 ?

Hambleton, Anne
Liberal candidate Farnham 1997 ?

Hambleton, Michael
Liberal candidate Chalvey 1997

Hanney, Josephine Mary
Lib Dems paper-only candidate

Lib Dem candidate Farnham 2007

Lib Dem candidate Farnham 2008

Lib Dem candidate Kedermister 2010

Lib Dem candidate Kedermister 2011

Lib Dem candidate Kedermister 2012

Hanney, Matthew Thomas
Son of Josephine Hanney

Lib Dem candidate Kedermister 2007

Hanson, Maureen Ann
Liberal candidate Wexham 1997

Harman, Ronald Albert
Conservative candidate Central 2003

Conservative candidate Kedermister 2004

Hatch, Alan Diarmid
Son of Jill Hatch

Green candidate Upton 2004

Green candidate Upton 2006

Hatch, Jill Angela
Green candidate Colnbrook 2004

Green candidate Kedermister 2006  Invalid application

Hayat, Mushtaq
Lib Dems councillor Baylis Stoke 2004-2007

Herbert, Earl
Labour candidate Haymill 2002

Hewitt, Brian Graham Lacey

Liberal councillor Haymill 2004-2006

Liberal councillor Haymill 2006-2010

Liberal candidate Haymill 2010

Joined Labour Party March 2011

Hewitt, Donald
Labour councillor Kedermister 2000-2003

Hill, David
PUP candidate Farnham 1997

Hilton, Adrian
Lives in Beaconsfield

former Slough Grammar teacher

Conservative candidate Cippenham Meadow 2006

Hoath, Nicholas Trevredyn
IFR candidate Farnham 2004

Slough Independents candidate Baylis 2006

Holdrick, Alison Elaine
IUR candidate Upton 2003

Holledge, Michael John
Labour candidate Cippenham 2003

Labour councillor Cippenham Green 2004-2007

Horder, Charles Richard John
Conservative candidate Kedermister 1995

Conservative candidate Kedermister 1996

Horn, Glen
Conservative candidate Kedermister 2002

Horton, Joan Audrey Forsdyke
Lib Dems candidate Chalvey 2004

Howard, Mary
Liberal candidate Upton 1997

Howard, William Geoffrey (Geoff)
Lives in Eton Wick


Labour councillor Cippenham 1996-2000

Labour councillor Cippenham 2000-2003

Conservative councillor Cippenham 2003-2004

Conservative councillor Cippenham Green 2004-2005

UKIP councillor 2005-2008

Joined UKIP 2005

UKIP parliamentary candidate 2005

UKIP candidate Cippenham Green 2008

Jury Party European Parliamentary candidate 2009

Independent candidate Cippenham Green 2010

Independent parliamentary candidate, Buckingham, 2010

Independent candidate Cippenham Green 2011

Independent candidate TVP police commissioner 2012

Hull, Catherine Margaret
Liberal candidate Britwell 1994

Liberal candidate Britwell 1995

Liberal candidate Britwell 1996

Liberal candidate Britwell 1997

Hull, Richard William
Liberal candidate Wexham 1994

Liberal candidate Stoke 1995

Liberal candidate Wexham 1996

Hussain, Matloob
Father of  Fiza Ahmed MATLOOB

Labour councillor Baylis 1997-2001

Hussain, Sabia
Labour councillor Central 2012-2014

Hulme, Christine
Slough Labour Party's constituency secretary, March 2009-2012

Slough Labour Party's chairman 2012-

Hussain, Magistrate Mazahar
Labour councillor Chalvey 1995-1999

Hussain, Rizwan
Conservative candidate Cippenham Meadow 2004