24 April 2011
Edmonds, Julian
Green candidate Upton 2000

? party ? candidate Upton 2001

Edwards, Craig
Local Party candidate Farnham 2000

Edwards, Helen Linda
Lib Dems paper-only candidate

Married name Kane, on electoral roll as Kane

Uses her maiden name of Edwards when contesting elections

Sister of John Edwards

Picture, Slough Observer 23-02-2007, page 17,

with her new beautiful baby.

Lib Dems candidate Cippenham 2000

Lib Dems candidate Colnbrook 2001

Lib Dems candidate Cippenham 2002

Lib Dems candidate Stoke 2003

Lib Dems candidate Kedermister 2004

Lib Dems candidate Upton 2006

Lib Dems candidate Upton 2007

Lib Dems candidate Kedermister 2008

Edwards, John William
Lib Dems councillor Foxborough 2000-2003

Lib Dems councillor Foxborough 2003-2004

Lib Dems councillor Foxborough 2004-2008

Moved from Slough to Windsor 2006.

Lib Dems parliamentary candidate Beaconsfield 2010

Elliot, Junette
Liberal candidate Baylis 1997

Evans, Paul
PUP candidate Upton 1997

Local Party candidate Stoke 2000