11 April 2014
Da Costa, Wisdom Methodious
Lib Dems candidate Cippenham 2001

Lib Dems candidate Stoke 2002

Lib Dems candidate Cippenham 2003

Lib Dems candidate Cippenham Green 2004

Lib Dems candidate Cippenham Green 2007

Dale-Gough, Diana
see: Coad, Diana

Dale-Gough, Peter
Conservative candidate Cippenham 2001

Conservative candidate Cippenham 2002

Conservative candidate Haymill 2004

Conservative candidate Haymill 2006

Conservative councillor St Mary's 2008-2012

Conservative candidate St Mary's 2012

Died Thursday 8 August 2013.

Dale-Gough, Rosemary
Deceased first wife of Peter Dale-Gough

Conservative candidate Kedermister 2000

Dar, Haqeeq Ashraf
Labour councillor Wexham 2011-2014

Davidson, George Henry
Labour councillor Baylis 2000-2003

Deselected by Baylis ward - Slough Observer, 8 Nov. 2002, page 3

Labour councillor Chalvey 2003-2004

Labour candidate Upton 2004

Labour Deputy Leader 06/2001-06/2004

Deputy Leader of the Council 06/2001-06/2004

Davies, David William
Lib Dem candidate Langley St Mary's 1994

Lib Dem candidate Langley St Mary's 1995

Davis, Roger Frances
Keen Slough Town Football Club supporter

Labour councillor Cippenham Green 2008-2012

Labour councillor Cippenham Green 2012-2014

Dawson, John
Labour councillor Britwell 06/05/1999

Labour candidate Britwell 2002

Day, Kevin
PUP candidate Langley St Mary's 1997

Dean, Derwin Mark
PUP candidate Central 1997

Local Party candidate Chalvey 2000

?party candidate Chalvey 2001

Ind candidate Chalvey 2003

Deverill, Allan
UKIP candidate Baylis, March 2012

UKIP candidate Baylis, May 2012

Dhaliwal, Arvind Singh
Labour councillor Central 2000-2003

Labour councillor Central 2003-2004

Labour candidate Central 2004

Labour councillor Central 2008-2011

Labour councillor Central 2011-2014

Dhaliwal, Meeta
Nephew of Suki Dhaliwal

Conservative candidate Baylis 2010

Conservative candidate Farnham 2011

Dhaliwal, Sukhjit "Suki" Kaur
Wife of Arvind Dhaliwal

Business partner of Rajinder Sandhu

Labour councillor Upton 2002-2004

Labour councillor Farnham 2004-2006

Labour councillor Farnham 2006-2010

Defected to Conservatives 2008

  returned to Labour, given £8,000 job

Labour European Parliamentary candidate 2009

Labour councillor Farnham 2010-2014

Expelled from Labour group 2013

De-selected by Labour, July 2013.

Dhaliwal, Tejinder
Lib Dems candidate Central 2008

Slough Party candidate Central 2011

Dhillon, Antreev Kaur
Daughter of Darshan Singh Dhillon

Labour candidate Colnbrook 2011

Labour councillor Baylis 2012-2014

Dhillon, Balwinder Singh
Conservative candidate Foxborough 1994

Conservative candidate Foxborough 1995

Conservative candidate Foxborough 1996

Conservative candidate Foxborough 1997

Conservative candidate Foxborough 2000

Conservative candidate Foxborough 2001

Conservative candidate Foxborough 2002

Conservative candidate Foxborough 2003

Conservative councillor Upton 2004-2007

Conservative councillor Upton 2007-2011

Dhillon, Darshan Singh
Labour councillor Wexham 1996-2000

Labour candidate Wexham 2000

Labour candidate Wexham 2003 Upton 2003 ???

Dhillon, Gurpreet
Wife of Balwinder Dhillon

Conservative paper candidate

Conservative candidate Baylis 2000

Conservative candidate Wexham 2001

Dhillon, Suk
Conservative 2nd candidate Chalvey 2007

Din, Rashid Ahmed
Labour councillor Stoke 1995-1999

Dodds, May
Labour candidate Britwell 2002/10

Labour councillor Kedermister 2003-2004

Labour councillor Cippenham Meadow 2004-2008

Labour councillor Cippenham Meadows 2008-2012

Doll, Ashok
Conservative candidate Wexham 1996

Conservative candidate Foxborough 1997

Donachy, Patrick
PUP candidate Wexham 1997

Local Party candidate Wexham 2000

Dosanjh, Amrik Singh
Labour candidate Langley St Mary's 1994

Labour candidate Langley St Mary's 1997

Labour councillor Slough, period unknown

Drapes, Mark
Labour councillor Upton 1997-2001

Duff, Jon
Lib Dems candidate Foxborough 2011

Dukes, Ivan
(no party) candidate Baylis, March 2012

Dumville, Philip H.
Conservative Party Agent for Beaconsfield for 20+ years

Occasionally active in Slough supporting Slough Conservatives

Dwyer, Jeremiah "Jerry"
ILR candidate St Mary's 2004

Dwyer, Kevin Paul
Son of Jerry Dwyer

Green candidate St Mary's 2006   Invalid application