11 April 2014
Canziani, Derek Henry
Slough Party candidate Cippenham Green 2008

Carter, Mark
PUP candidate Cippenham 1997

Carter, Martin Frank
Labour candidate Haymill 2007

Labour candidate Haymill 2008

Labour candidate Haymill 2010

Labour councillor Britwell 2011-2014

Labour candidate Britwell 2014

Chaggar, Dobson
Conservative candidate Baylis Stoke 2007

Chaggar, Narinder Kaur
Conservative candidate Baylis Stoke 2004

Chaggar, Surinder Singh
Conservative candidate invalid nomination Farnham 2004

Conservative candidate Baylis Stoke 2004

Chahal, Waljinder Singh (Wal)
Conservative candidate Kedermister 2007

Conservative candidate Kedermister 2008

Conservative candidate Upton 2010

Conservative candidate Kedermister 2011

Conservative candidate Upton 2014

Chaudhary, Sajidah
Slough Racial Equality Council (SREC)

Labour councillor Chalvey 2000-2003

Resigned from Labour 2003 over Iraq Invasion

Chaudhary, Sunil
Christian Party parliamentary candidate 2010 (lives Slough)

Chaudhry, Shafiq Ahmed
Labour councillor Central 2006-2010

Labour councillor Central 2010-2014

Chauham, Basanti "Bena"
Labour candidate Haymill 2004

Choham, Nimrit
Labour candidate Upton 2000

Labour councillor Cippenham Meadows 2004-2006

Labour councillor Cippenham Meadows 2006-2010

Labour councillor Cippenham Meadows 2010-2014

Choudhry, Pervez
Labour councillor Chalvey 2002-2004

Labour councillor Chalvey 2004-2008

Labour candidate Central 2008

Conservative councillor Central 2008-2012 (elected as Labour)

Independent candidate Baylis, March 2012

Independent candidate Baylis, May 2012

Clisby, Robert "Bob"
Slough Conservative councillor

Conservative candidate Britwell 1997

Clottey, Steven
Independent candidate Kedermister 2010

Coad, Diana
Second Wife of Peter Dale-Gough

Conservative councillor, Stratford Guild, Stratford-Avon, 1999-2002

Conservative parliamentary candidate Slough 2001

Conservative candidate Farnham 2003

Conservative parliamentary candidate Stourbridge 2005

Conservative candidate Cippenham Green 2006

Conservative councillor Langley St Mary's (16.11.06 - May 07)

Conservative councillor Langley St Mary's 2007-2011

Conservative parliamentary candidate Slough 2010

Conservative councillor Langley St Mary's 2011-2014

Conservative candidate Langley St Mary's 2014

Collins, Mary Edith
Conservative paper-only candidate

Conservative candidate Haymill 1994

Conservative candidate Haymill 1995

Conservative candidate Haymill 1996

Conservative candidate Haymill 1997

Conservative candidate Foxborough - December 1997

Conservative? councillor 06/05/1999 - 01/05/2001

Conservative candidate Cippenham Meadow 2004

Conservative candidate Wexham 2006

Connolly, John Joseph
Labour councillor Wexham 1997-2001

Labour Group Leader 5/1999-6/2001

Coppell, Cheryl
Labour election agent for husband David in Windsor 1986

Slough Borough Council's chief executive 1994-2007

Coward, Harvey
Conservative candidate Haymill 2002

Cramp, Henry Leslie
Lib Dems candidate Baylis 1994

Crawford-Smith, Maria
Local Party candidate Haymill 2000

<party?> candidate Central 2001

Cruze, Peter
Conservative candidate Kedermister 2006

Slough Party candidate Langley St Mary's 2007

Cryer, Derek Ernest
Conservative councillor St Mary's 2000-2003

Conservative councillor St Mary's 2003-2004

Conservative councillor St Mary's 2004-2006

Conservative councillor St Mary's 2006-2010

Conservative candidate Upton 2011

Cutting, Geoffrey Peter
Labour councillor from 12/05/1990

Labour councillor Britwell 1995-1999

Leader of the Council (years?)