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CLU Certificate of Lawful Use

CLUD Certificate of Lawful Development

HMO House in Multiple Occupation

HPSP Head of Planning & Strategic Policy   (Gerry Wyld)

PA Planning Application


Section 106 Agreement

Town and Country Planning Act 1990 section 106 as amended by Planning and Compensation Act 1991 section 12. This allows a legal bribe to be offered by a developer to the planning authority in exchange for planning permission.

From Horsham Borough Council (5 September 2004): "Section 106 Agreements can be used to add conditions to development where it is not appropriate to use a condition in the planning permission. They also enable the Local Authority to secure provision or improvement of existing infrastructure necessary to meet the needs of the occupiers or users of new development. This is done by way of land or finance contributions.

Section 106 Agreements may enhance the quality of development and enable proposals to go ahead which might otherwise be refused. Such Agreements should be relevant to planning, directly related to the proposed development and necessary to make it acceptable in land-use planning terms."

SPZ Simplified Planning Zone (Slough Trading Estate is a SPZ)