Election Timetable
European Parliamentary

Deadlines are calculated retrospectively from Day -25 to the Election Day on Day 0.
Representation of the People Act 1983 Schedule 1 amended by The European Parliamentary Elections Regulations 1999.

Notice of Election: 23:59 hours

Submission of Nominations begins but only between 10:00 hours and 16:00 hours

Deadline for Nominations:  16:00 hours

Deadline for withdrawals:  16:00 hours

Deadline for election agents:  16:00 hours

Publication of Parties, Candidates (including Notice of Poll) and List of Polling Stations: 17:00 hours

Deadline for changes to postal and proxy votes:  17:00 hours

Deadline for new postal and proxy votes:  17:00 hours

Deadline for Register amendments (clerical errors and court decisions)

Issue of replacement postal ballot papers
RPR 2001, Regulation 78

Deadline for counting agents and polling agents:  23:59 hours

Deadline for replacement postal ballot papers:  17:00 hours

Election Day   07:00 hours - 22:00 hours

Verification of ballot paper accounts, starts at 22:00 hours

Counting of the votes: starts at 21:00 hours

Deadline for expenses
This is 7 ordinary weeks and 4 days and including weekends and holidays


European Parliamentary Casual Vacancy

In normal circumstances, an individual vacancy is filled by the relevant unelected person on that party's list of candidates.

When there is no eligible and willing relevant candidate and pan-EU parliamentary elections are not scheduled within 6 months, a UK government minister will choose an election date within 6 months of that vacancy occurring.

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