Election Timetable
United Kingdom Parliamentary

Unlike other UK elections, the timetable for UK Parliamentary Elections does not count-down to the election day, Day 0.   Instead it calculates forwards starting on Day 0 and ending with an election on Day 17.  The calculations exclude the usual non-working days.

To make it more complicated some statutory deadlines, for example postal voting, are calculated backwards from the election day.

Proclamation for a new Parliament; Dissolution of Parliament; Issuing the Writ


Receipt of the Writ


Notice of Election. To be published before 16:00 hours


Submission of nomination papers starting on the day after the Notice of Election was published and only between 10:00 hours and 16:00 hours


Deadline for submission of of nomination papers:  16:00 hours


Deadline for withdrawals:  16:00 hours


Deadline to appoint election agents:  16:00 hours


Objections to nominations: 10:00 hours to 12:00 hours but can be extended to 17:00 hours


Publication of Nominations (including Notice of Poll) and List of Polling Stations: 16:00 hours


Deadline for changes and cancellations of postal and proxy votes: 17:00 hours


Deadline for new postal and proxy votes: 17:00 hours


Deadline for register alterations (clerical errors and court decisions)


Start of replacement postal ballot papers  RPR 2001, Regulation 78


Deadline for counting and polling agents


Deadline for replacement spoilt or lost postal ballot papers: 17:00 hours


Election Day   07:00 - 22:00 hours


Deadline for election expenses (assuming the Result is declared after midnight). 
This is 5 ordinary weeks including weekends and holidays.


Parliamentary Casual Vacancies

The General Election Timetable (shown above) applies with these changes decided by the Returning Officer:

  • Deadline for submitting nominations (between Day +6 and Day +8)
  • Election Day (between the above Nomination deadline +9 days and the Nomination deadline +11 days)
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