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Last revised 6 April 2009

You can obtain an application form:

Every registered voter can request a Postal Vote.

A Postal Vote is useful when the voter is expected to be away from home or finds it difficult or inconvenient to visit their designated Polling Station.  In Slough at least one Polling Station is more than 20 minutes walk away and up a steep hill (example: Five Points, Burnham to Britwell Polling Station BC)

Postal Voting avoids problems which occurred in Slough in 2002 when some local elections were held and:

If you vote by Postal Vote, you can post or personally deliver your completed ballot form to the Town Hall, or you can take it to any Polling Station being used for the same election (you can NOT hand-in a Slough Postal Vote to a Polling Station in Aylesbury for example - it must be a Polling Station being used for the same election).

Postal Voting is free. All you have to do is to fill-in and sign a simple form asking for a Postal Vote.   You can ask for a Postal Vote to be sent to your registered voting address (usually your home address) or to your temporary address.

You can ask for a Postal Vote at any time, including right-up to an election. The deadline for asking for a postal vote for all elections (parish, borough, United Kingdom Parliament and European Parliament) is 17:00 hours 6 working days before Election Day.  Working days are Mondays to Fridays and exclude weekends and public holidays.

The completed Postal Voting form must be sent to the:

Electoral Registration Office
Slough Borough Council
Town Hall
Bath Road
Slough SL1 3UG

You can also fax the completed form to the Town Hall on Slough 875 171

Please do NOT forget to sign the application form.