Slough Borough Council Election
16 November 2006

A vacancy was caused by the resignation of Cllr Pauline Key, for personal and family reasons, on 27 September 2006.

Slough Labour Party requested the election. One of their councillors hand-wrote a request for a bye election which was then signed by elderly residents in the Foxborough ward. The Labour councillor could have signed the request himself but, like so many other things happening in Slough, Labour's political activists preferred to hide behind elderly pensioners rather than take personal responsibility for their own actions.

The successful candidate, Cllr Diana Coad, will have to contest the May 2007 local elections because Cllr Key's appointment was due to automatically expire in May 2007. Thus this election campaign was simply to fill a vacancy which would last less than 6 months.

St Mary's Ward

Electorate: 5,329 Diana Coad (Mrs Dale-Gough)



Turnout: 30.1% Sharanjeet Kaur Sandhu




Postal votes issued: 793 Dominic James Ashford
          (Slough Town Football Club)




Invalid postal votes: 7
Invalid Polling Stn. votes: 2
Total invalid votes: 9        



  4 March 2007