Homeless in Slough
Homeless Unit, Slough Council
Homeless Unit, South Bucks
Homeless Unit, Windsor & Maidenhead
SBC Housing Allocation Policy 2013
Look Ahead Shelter
Salvation Army
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Slough is full-up. It is overcrowded. It is becoming a modern day slum. It is a serious crime hotspot ......... and you want to live in this crap ?

The local Labour-run council wants to flood the borough with more flats and houses but that will cause more drug related crimes, more street robberies, more assaults, more traffic congestion, higher air pollution and further diminish the quality of people's lives.

Labour's intention is to make Slough double in size, so the town will elect 2 Labour MPs. Its about raw political power and financial benefits for Labour insiders - its not about the quality of life of people already living here. To keep the majority of voters semi-literate and unquestioning Labour forced the closure of Thames Valley University and closed-down so many public-owned facilities, there are very few places for convenient adult evening education.

Slough's house prices are far too expensive.

When you have a roof over your head and a warm dry bed to sleep in, you may wish to consider the advantages of finding a permanent home in a less crowded part of the UK. Slough is declining and things are getting worse. Think about YOUR best interests and try to find a nicer place to live where you will be happy and can enjoy the remainder of your life.

Homeless Unit, Slough Borough Council

Slough Unitary Authority (also known as Slough Borough Council 'SBC' say (22 October 2008) they no longer have a homeless unit. It has been replaced by a generalised Housing Needs Team.

Slough Unitary Authority say homeless people should first telephone the council's call centre on 01753-475111 or visit the council's call centre on the corner of Slough High Street and Windsor Road. The building is labelled "My Council" although senior council staff call it "Landmark Place".

These unofficial numbers might help.

  • 01753 - 87 54 08
  • 01753 - 78 78 46
  • 01753 - 87 53 02
  • 01753 - 47 73 72
  • 01753 - 78 78 54

Monday 09:00 - 16:45
Tuesday 09:00 - 16:45
Wednesday      10:00 - 16:45
Thursday 10:00 - 16:45
Friday 09:00 - 16:45

When Slough Borough Council is closed telephone Bracknell Social Services on 01344 - 78 65 12

Single adults are unlikely to qualify for a safe place to sleep because of the government's definition of "vulnerability".

Applicants refused help can request a review of the council's decision.

Slough Borough Council Housing Allocations Policy July 2004

Slough Borough Council Housing Allocations Policy June 2008 - valid March 2012

Slough Borough Council Housing Allocation Scheme 2013 - 2018

Homeless Unit, South Bucks District Council

South Bucks D.C. homeless unit merged with Chiltern D.C.
Telephone 01494 - 732 104
(switchboard) 01494 - 729 000

30 September 2015
Homeless Unit, Windsor & Maidenhead Council

Telephone (direct) 01628 - 683 676 & 683 673
(switchboard) 01628 - 798 888

30 September 2015
Look Ahead Shelter

1 Burlington Road
Slough SL1 2JT

01753 - 693 616

23 beds for homeless people needing support; only accepts referrals

30 September 2015

Resettlement Agency
2 Burlington Court
Burlington Road
Slough SL1 2JT

01753 - 571 324
Fax 01753 - 517 113

Mondays & Fridays
14:00 - 16:30

Help primarily for single people of all ages with accommodation problems. Does not provide accommodation. Offers support emotional and practical.

Salvation Army

Stoke Road
opposite the junction with Mill Street
Slough SL2 5BW

01753 - 525 819

Their nearest shelter is in Reading. They can offer sleeping bags and food parcels.

Shelter (national charity)

27 Church Street
(town centre)

0344-515 1380
after hours: 0808 - 800 4444

30 September 2015
SHOC - Slough Homeless Our Concern

Serena Hall
Burlington Avenue
Slough SL1 2JT
01753 - 536 745
01753 - 579 237
01753 - 574 348
Fax: 01753 - 570 091

Email: shoc.serenahall@gmail.com

Registered charity number 1070689

Housing & benefits advice, hot showers, food

Monday, Friday : 0930 - 1530
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday : 0930 - 1330
Saturday : 11:00 - 14:00

4 September 2015
YMCA - Young Men's Christian Association

30 Ladbrooke Road
Slough SL1 2SR

Telephone 01753 - 810 684
Fax 01753 - 810 685 (not working)

Mixed gender hostel. 45 rooms. Local authority referals.

30 September 2015
Personal Comment

Its grim being homeless because neither the government nor the local councils senior management nor local councillors care about the misery of people sleeping on the streets. It is worse for single people.

As a society we should not tolerate fellow human beings being homeless and having no roof over their head and no clean, warm, safe, dry bed for the night. Homeless people are often in need of food and support as well as shelter.

It is a very hash and unkind world we live in.  Many people just don't care, perhaps because they never experience the problem, never see the problem or never have time to think about the problem.

Paul Janik
15 May 2005.