Slough Borough Council's Signicant & Secret Decisions
22 February 2011

Signicant Decisions

16 February 2011

The Constitution provides for a schedule of significant decisions taken by officers to be circulated to all members on a monthly basis. The schedule contains decisions relating to the following:

Slough Borough Council withholds information from the public because they do not want the public to know what is happening.   Often the council uses strange language to confuse the public and make it difficult for the public to understand the workings of the public's council.

  • Constitution = the council's official rules and procedures but excludes policies.   Policies can be made by the councillors or by the staff.
  • Officers = staff, including contractors and consultants, performing an offical function of the council. Some Slough Council staff wrongly call themselves 'officers' because they think it makes them sound important even when the law bans them being an 'officer' and also bans them from performing any official function of the council. Chief Executive Ruth Bagley is aware of this abuse of the title 'officer'. (reference SOLA 010580)
  • Member = councillor
  • 1. Tenders/Contracts over £50,000 or "sensitive" excluding individual social services care packages and school placements.

    2. Exemptions to Competitive Tendering.

    3. Redundancies/Early Retirements above 5 in Service area - Decisions taken on the Redundancy/Early Retirement of a senior level officer to be reported to Group Leaders, Cabinet and Employment and Appeals Committee. But not to ALL the councillors

    4. Decision to commence formal organisational restructuring/consultation.

    5. Consultation responses other than technical responses where officers asked for Member views.

    6. Write-off of individual debts between £5,000 and £15,000.

    7. Decisions arising from external report on significant Health and Safety at Work Act risk.

    8. Compulsory Purchase Orders.

    9. Action with regard to Petitions.

    10. Grants.

    11. Consultancies over £5,000 (excluding cover for established posts) or any consultancy offered to former Senior Officers of the Council of 3rd tier and above.

    12. Other decisions such as those with political, media or industrial relations implications that Chief Officers consider Members should be aware of.

    The Schedule is not published and there is no public right to challenge decisions made.

    The Council agrees the content of its Constitution. Any Member of the Council or any Co-opted Member can request that the Overview and Scrutiny Committee consider Officer decisions (as specified by the Council) taken under delegated authority. These call-ins would be submitted to the next Overview and Scrutiny Committee for consideration and dealt with in the same way as other post decision call-ins.

    Issued by Slough Borough Council, 16 February 2011. Our reference: SOLA 010534.