Electoral Registration Offices
15 January 2007
reformatted 12 May 2009

01753 - 87 5549
01753 - 47 7235
01753 - 47 7236

Windsor & Maidenhead

01628 - 79 6400
01628 - 79 6306

South Bucks
01895 - 837 225

Have you got Something to say ?

Do you think your council is not Listening?

Could you represent the opinions of local residents better than the shower in power?

Do you understand local issues better than the current lot who seem ineffective?

Fed-up with local councillors making a mess of things?

Can you clearly express your opinions and don't need some at national party HQ in London telling you want to say?

Don't want to be political but want your community's voice to be to be heard?

Its Time to Make A Change

Become a local councillor and make changes for the better.

You will be suprised by the support you get.

Lots of people may share your opinion.

Get Help and Ideas from

  • your local council's elections office - see above
  • The Electoral Commission 020-7271 0600
  • South Bucks Party
  • Slough Party 01753-208 111

    Could you really do any worse than the current bunch in power?