Slough Borough Council Complaints
8 June 2009
Everyone has a Right to a good service from Slough Borough Council
When something is wrong   COMPLAIN
Chief Executive's Office   01753 - 875 244
email complaints@slough.gov.uk

If you suspect fraud or criminal actively involving
council staff, council contractors or councillors
Contact Thames Valley Police   01865-841 148
select option 2 (switchboard)
Ask for Lodden Valley Economic Crimes Unit.

If the Police are reluctant to investigate your complaint and would prefer you to ask Slough Borough Council to investigate themselves - complain to the Independent Police Complaints Commission on 020 - 7166 3000.

Intellectual TVP officers have spontaneously stated "Corruption is endemic in local government".
If unhappy with Slough Council's response
Local Government Ombudsman
Telephone  020 - 7217 4620, fax 020 - 7217 4621
Email  enquiries.london@lgo.org.uk
Email  custserv.lon@lgo.org.uk

The Ombudsman is slow and has no power.

The LGO is a "toothless tiger" which lacks a statutory power of enforcement against local councils. In practical terms it is often a waste of time and public money. Its major role is now to reduce the quantity of public complaints. It will not investigate all complaints against councils and will often use any excuse not to get involved.

You can complain to the 'District Auditor'
Phil Sharman, Audit Commission   01865-388 950
email p-sharman@audit-commission.gov.uk

The District Auditor can investigate only certain matters - ask him if it is within his powers - and then usually only within 12 months of the publishing of the council's annual accounts.

Alternative Complaint Methods
Try contacting the local newspapers or the local radio stations.

The problem with both local newspapers and local radio stations is the editors and reporters can be good, indifferent or bad. Editors and reporters vary. They come and they go. Whilst some genuinely do care and are excellent champions of the public regrettably others are not.

You can also contact

  • the Private Eye magazine particularly the Editor of the Rotten Boroughs section.
  • national newspapers.
  • nation radio and television
  • a solicitor
  • The hash reality is we live in a country where good council services are not a legal right. Council staff are totally unaccountable to the public who are not allowed to question them about their conduct and decisions.

    People in jobs paid by the public will often tell you about the wonders of   " Democracy "   but until you, the public, have an opportunity to elect senior council officials, sack them for incompetence, fraud or misconduct then the so-called   " Democracy "   is just a sick and dishonest illusion perpetuated by those who get rich at the public's expense.
    Finally . . . . . .
    If you are really stuck and there is no one who can help you, ring the Slough Party on 01753 - 208 111 or email slough.party@gmail.com

    The Slough Party can not guarantee they will be able to help you but they will carefully examine your complaint and give you honest advice.