VOIP : Internet Telephone Calls

Welcome to VOIP

VOIP means Voice Over Internet Protocol or Voice Over IP.

In normal language it means a fully working telephone system that does not use the conventional two wires to connect with the local public telephone exchange. Instead the telephone calls are connected using an Internet circuit.

When you use a web browser, the protocol (or semantics or syntax) used by your web browser is HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). VOIP uses the SIP protocol (Session Initiation Protocol).

VOIP Replaces Normal Landlines

VOIP, or something probably similar, is the future of all landline telephone systems. Local telephone numbers will be replaced by global numbers. A VOIP telephone will be plugged into an Internet router, an Internet hub or switch or gateway. VOIP is one of the best kept secrets because businesses have used VOIP for many years. A few home users use VOIP.

VOIP Advantages

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