Slough  Police
24 March 2009
partial revision 19 April 2014
Slough Police Station      

Thames Valley Police Service
Police Station
Windsor Road
Slough SL1 2HH

Open daily 08:00 - 22:00


Police Call Centre:    01865 - 841 148

Anonymous reporting of crimes and suspicions:      0800 - 555 111

National anti-terrorism hotline, 24 hours a day.
Totally confidential.
           0800 - 789 321

Telephone Call Centre options

Report Crimes, option 1
Switchboard, option 2
People in custody enquiries, option 3
Enquiries (PEC), option 4

All calls are recorded. If you do not receive a good service from the Call Centre please ask to speak to the Quality of Service Unit.


On 1st April 2005, Slough Police (code name CA or Charlie Alpha) was split into 2 distinctive Local Police Areas (LPAs):

Slough LPA is part of Berkshire East Basic Command Unit (BCU) and South Bucks LPA is part of the Buckinghamshire County BCU.

Each Local Policing Area is commanded by a Superintendent, Chief Superintendent or Chief Inspector. Slough's LPA commander is Chris Shead (January 2009).

Neighbourhood Policing in Slough

For the almost latest details on TVP's web site.

Neighbourhood Policing in Slough has been under-staffed for years. It has a shortage of allocated policemen. Policemen and PCSO (Police Community Support Officers) have been removed from Neighbourhood Policing duties to perform many other unrelated tasks such as Changing of the Guard in Windsor, riot squad duties in Oxford, crowd control at Reading's football stadium, custody duties. This is called 'abstractions'.

Very senior management at TVP HQ have admitted they failed to properly monitor and record abstractions and, on 2 January 2009, stated they had:

"recently introduced a more robust way of capturing data and getting a true picture of time spent on beats".

Reference: SOLA 009858 page 03


If you have a complaint about a police-officer, PCSO or other employee, first complain to the LPA commander. You may be able to sort-out things promptly with the minimum of fuss or delay - this is called 'local resolution'. If it is a complaint about about a traffic policeman then contact the inspector at Roads Policing at Taplow. If it is a complaint about the Pro-Active unit (uniform policemen in un-marked cars) contact Professional Standards at Headquarters because although these units are based at Roads Policing bases they are not accountable to Roads Policing management. They are also not accountable to the LPA commander.

If you are not satisfied after contacting the LPA commander or Roads Policing at Taplow, then complain to the Professional Standards unit at Headquarters:

Telephone 01865-846 024, fax 01865-846 029 or professional.standards@thamesvalley.pnn.police.uk

Your complaint may not be properly or professionally investigated. You can not implicitly trust the police to be honest or to act honourable. There is corruption including rent-a-cop. Throughout Thames Valley Police there is tolerance of corruption, misconduct and unlawful assaults on the public.

Regrettably decent officers can be wrongly and unfairly blamed by the public for the actions of the baddies in police uniforms or plain clothes.

If you are unsatisfied with Thames Valley Police's response to your complaint immediately contact the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC):

Telephone 020-7166 3000, fax 020-7404 0430 or enquiries@ipcc.gsi.gov.uk

Thames Valley Police often tries to stop the IPCC investigating complaints into Thames Valley Police. TVP alleged the public have not complained quickly enough to the IPCC. Complaints rejected by Thames Valley Police have been upheld by the IPCC. The IPCC know what Thames Valley Police are like.

Freedom of Information requests

Email information@thamesvalley.pnn.police.uk

If you get a refusal or an obstruction by Thames Valley Police, immediately ask them for an internal review. Then if you remain unhappy contact the Information Commission (ICO).