Raj Kumar 2003 - 2006
This is believed to be an accurate and truthful summary of how council employee Raj Kumar was victimised by Slough Borough Council officials. Please report all discrepancies to www.query@gmail.com or telephone +1.206-203 5655
List of more Raj Kumar Dates and Facts
Slough Borough Council Press Release
Winter 2004
Slough Housing Matters page 15
Paul Janik's letter to Slough Express
Paul Janik's protest letter to Slough Express
XXXXX's 'Gagging' Circular to all councillors.
Paul Janik's Statement to Raj Kumar's lawyers
Council assistant director (legal) Isabella Freeman's first letter to a local police superintendent hoping the suprintendent will help Slough Council pressurise a police seargent to change the statement he gave to Raj Kumar's lawyers. Slough Borough Council's attempt was unsuccessful.
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Council assistant director legal Isabella Freeman's second letter to a Police Superintendent.
(waiting copy)
Council's refusal to a Freedom of Information request for copies of embarrassing documents.
Freedom of Information Request for the Costs of the Raj Kumar Case
Raj Kumar paid-off in secret without Councillors' knowledge